NEW SERIES: Staying Informed with Madhavi

by | Dec 3, 2020

In this series we sit down with Madhavi Chandra, Director of Informer Product Management, as she gives us the development details starting with our most recent release  Informer 5.3! 

Madhavi Chandra

As a Product Manager, the question of how we can improve our customers’ experience is consistently top of mind. We always want to make things more efficient and eliminate pain points for our users. In Informer 5.3, one topic we focused on was enhancing the user experience with additional options for exported output and incorporation of automation intelligence for imported spreadsheets 

One of the biggest challenges we hear from our customers is presenting management with impactful reports to glean business insights and draw smart conclusions. For this release, we took a key pillar of Informer, the ability to digest and interact with data easily and improved the user experience when grouping rows-and-columns data (e.g. page break per group) in various output options. With these enhancements, the data is easily identifiable and presentable whether interacting with it on the screen, exporting to PDF or sharing in an email, accomplishing our goal to make data apparent and shareable throughout an organization, and enabling customers to make informed decisions. 

We know that data lives everywhere, on spreadsheets, in databases, or on 3rd party applications, and that Informer 5 is the melting pot that allows customers to blend data across all platforms. Many of our customers are exporting data from 3rd party applications and importing into Informer to report and build visualizations. We wanted to bolster this process and make creation of CSV derived Workspace Datasources even more seamless. We added behind-the-scenes intelligence to complete tasks such as matching column headers in the new CSV file with existing fields already in the Workspace and choosing the appropriate data type for a field. Whether CSV data is output from a 3rd party application or siloed data that lives on spreadsheets, these Workspace enhancements save valuable time and bring more efficiency to a common user workflow in Informer. 

For a complete list of additions, check out release notes here.

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